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Otis Gibbs appears at The Lights this June

  • Written by Editor

What's On | Otis Gibbs appears at The Lights this June | Andover & Villages“Gibbs’ songwriting is deeply personal and profound. It’s plain to see Otis Gibbs is a man you should give a damn about. ” –Rolling Stone

Otis Gibbs is a Songwriter, storyteller, painter, photographer and planter of 7,176 trees. He once wrestled a bear, and lost. He has been described as ‘the best unknown songwriter in music today.’

If you ask him, he’ll simply say he’s a Folk Singer with a blend of indie and Americana music thrown in for good measure. Much of his work concentrates on the world ignored by pop culture. Sometimes forgotten, obsolete, or simply marginalized, it is a world that doesn’t fit into a twenty-second sound bite or talking point.

Based in East Nashville, Otis travels to the UK for small, select gigs and is making a very welcome return to The Lights on Saturday, 10 June after his debut performance in 2013.