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Basingstoke & Deane Bin Collection Changes

  • Written by Editor

Local News | Basingstoke & Deane Bin Collection Changes | Andover & VillagesOptions for how residents’ rubbish and recycling could be collected in the future will be discussed by councillors at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council next Wednesday (18 January).

The council pays a company to empty both the green and grey bins from homes in the borough. This contract is due to end in October 2018, therefore it is now time for the council to look at who should provide this service and the most efficient way to do this.

What should go into the future contract will be discussed by councillors at the Community Environment and Partnerships committee. This includes an option to collect rubbish bins fortnightly, alternating with the week the recycling bin is emptied, which would see a rise in the borough’s recycling rate and could also save up to £1 million a year.

The committee will be asked to give its views on what should be considered when re-letting the eight-year contract to collect the rubbish and recycling from almost 73,000 households. These comments will then help the council’s Cabinet to decide what should be tendered.

The council’s Cabinet Member for The Environment and Regulatory Services Cllr Hayley Eachus said: “We empty bins from almost 73,000 homes across the borough every week. It costs millions of pounds a year and we are currently re-letting the contract for the company to do this.

“This is an opportunity to look at how we can continue to provide the high levels of service that residents have told us they value but in a more efficient way and that will encourage people to recycle more and waste less.

“This new contract will last eight years with an option to extend for another eight years so this is even more reason to ensure that we explore every option to get the best value for residents now or in the future, as changes to the contract once it is in place could be costly.

“It would be wrong not to look at the service as a whole and consider all the options, especially given the size of this contract and the substantial savings the council will need to find in future. At this point, we don’t need to make any decision we just want to have all the facts and see if there is evidence to support any change.

“I am keen to understand any concerns and this process will include speaking to residents, so that any decision that is made is founded on a full appreciation of people’s needs and wishes as well as the practical and financial implications.”

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#4 Deb Chowney 2017-01-13 15:12
There is already a huge problem with rodent and pest infestations, an increase in fly-tipping, increased charges for dumping household building waste and they want to do less, for more I assume. If they recycled more and yes, encouraged re-use and smarter waste minimisation for all, then perhaps fortnightly collections, but this is not going to happen, is it? How much does the countil recycle from their activities?
#3 E Robinson 2017-01-11 16:39
A fortnightly bin collection for general waste would be a problem for most households with children I believe. Our bin and is full every week even though we recycle everything possible and this is the same for everyone I know with a family. The council would end up having to provide a second bin to family households to cope with the extended time between emptying and the hygiene issue surrounding a two weekly collection is a big problem in my opinion. I fail to see how this would positively impact recycling as collections for this would remain the same and I am not aware of the council having any plans to increase the variety of items that they are able to recycle.

Fortnightly waste collections would simply see the same volume of waste being collected but on a less frequent basis, negatively impacting the hygiene and cleanliness of the borough and potentially encouraging fly tipping and encouraging rodents and insects around properties.
#2 Jane Flanders 2017-01-11 14:47
Let usbe quite clear about this. It has nothing to do with recycling and everything to do with penny pinching. If they were really serious about recycling, they would collect the green bin every week and have longer opening hours at the tip. Instead, no, we will be expected to put up with smelly rodent-infested black bins. Not acceptable.
#1 Lorraine Cousins 2017-01-11 10:56
I think that changing the general (black bin) collection to fortnightly would a detrimental decision. BDBC should be proud that it has maintained weekly rubbish collections. This service has meant that the borough has a good standard of street cleanliness and hygiene. Fortnightly collection would see overflowing, smelly and foul bins, particularly during the summer period. I think it is very likely that residence would see an increase in fly & rodent infestations near their properties. I cannot see how the proposed move would see an increase in re-cycling; I think it is more likely that there would be an increase in fly-tipping. I hope the Borough Councillor discard this proposal.

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