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Places for People Apply to Have Leisure Centre Right of Way Extinguished

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Local Andover News | Places for People Apply to Have Leisure Centre Right of Way Extinguished | Andover & VillagesPlaces for People, the contractors for the new Andover Leisure Centre have applied to have the public right of way, from West Street through to the Leisure Centre entrance extinguished.

Although the application suggests the route is not a registered public right of way, that it has been used as such for over twenty years, it is considered that it has the potential for a dedication as a Right of Way if an application was submitted.

Andover Advertising with Andover & VillagesThis will mean that the route local people have used since the current leisure centre was built will no longer be accessible.

The planning documents state that the reason for the application, is to prevent conflict between pedestrians and construction traffic during the erection of the new centre.

The application states that there is a suitable alternative access point to the west of the existing leisure centre.

Andover Town Council were asked for their feedback on the plans and had no objection.

If you would like to lodge support or an objection to this planning application, visit and search for application number 17/00097/FPN


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