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Police Warning Over Dog Attack Sheep Death

  • Written by Editor

Police Warning Over Dog Attack Sheep DeathKeep your dog on a lead when walking it past livestock – that’s our message after a sheep was killed at a farm in Kingsclere.

The sheep was found on the morning of Wednesday, March 8. It was killed sometime between 8am and 9.30am that morning.

The animal had injuries consistent with being attacked by a dog.

The dog and its owner have not been identified at this time.

This is the second such incident to take place in Kingsclere in the past month.

On Saturday, February 11, three sheep were found dead at a farm. Two of them received extensive injuries while the third sheep is believed to have died from shock.

PC Vincent Lane, of Tadley police station, said: “All dog walkers need to get the message that this senseless loss of life can prevented by using a lead.

“Dogs worrying livestock is a criminal offence contrary to the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953.

“In such incidents, the owner/person in control of the dog can be prosecuted, the dog can be shot by the farmer to end an attack, and livestock can be seriously injured or killed as a result.

“It is also common for other animals witnessing this to die from shock.”

Our advice to dog owners is:

• Keep your dog on a lead when in a field with livestock

• If there is no livestock in the field, keep the dog in sight at all times, be aware of what it is doing, and be confident it will return to you promptly on command. If you cannot be confident of this, the dog should not be off the lead

• Ensure the dog does not stray off the path or area where you have right of access

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call 101, quoting 44170087002.