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Police or Council - Who You Gonna Call?

  • Written by Editor

Local News | Police or Council - Who You Gonna Call?  | Andover & VillagesOften when people panic they remember the 999 number and call it, without thinking through the problem first.

The police are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help you, but if the issue is identified as being a non-emergency then you may have to wait for another operator.

Police need to free up the 999 lines as there could be a life or death emergency waiting to get through.

Advice for calling 999:

* call when it’s an emergency

* a crime is in progress

* someone suspected of a crime is nearby

* when there is danger to life

* when violence is being used or threatened.

If you don’t need an emergency response, then you should call 101 or report online via the Hampshire Police website.

This could be to report a crime or to seek advice, for example your car has been stolen, your property has been damaged or you suspect drug use or dealing in your neighbourhood.

Calling 101 does incur a 15p charge, but this is a flat fee for the entirety of the call regardless of it being from a land line or a mobile.

You can report the following issues direct to TVBC or BDBC:

* Report a missed bin

* Report an abandoned vehicle

* Report fly-tipping

* Make a noise complaint

* Report graffiti

* Report a grounds maintenance problem

* Report an issue with grass, shrubs, hedges and weeds

* Report broken glass

* Report litter

* Report dog fouling

* Report potholes, a road or pathway problem

* Report faulty street lights

* Report an overflowing recycling bank at a recycling site

* Report a fraud

* Request a dead animal removal

* Report an overflowing bitter bin

* Report a problem with a food premises

* Report a problem with a public toilet

* Report fly-posting

* Report damage to a bus shelter

* Report a health and safety problem in your workplace

Test Valley Borough Council - 01264 368000

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council - 01256 844844