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Paedophile Hunted Tidworth Soldier Admits Charges

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Local Andover News | Tidworth Soldier Admits Andover Sexual Grooming | Andover & VillagesPrivate Samuel Dallow, a soldier from Tidworth Barracks has admitted attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming.

Dallow thought he was meeting up with a 14 year old girl, but was instead caught by 'paedophile hunter' Shane Brannigan who had pretended to be the girl as part of a 'vigilante paedophile sting' in Andover.

Andover Advertising with Andover & VillagesThe vigilante group filmed the entire fake meeting and immediately called the police, the video was initially uploaded to Facebook and was deleted some hours later.

Dallow of Farmdale Grove, Rednal, Birmingham, has been released on bail until he is sentenced in June 2017.

*pictured - Paedophile Hunter Shane Brannigan confronts Private Samuel Dallow