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Fresh Planning Application for Wykeham Club

  • Written by Editor

Local News | Fresh Planning Application for Wykeham Club | Andover & VillagesA planning application has been submitted to TVBC to partly demolish the former Wykeham Club in Western Road to turn it into a Doctors surgery, a pharmacy and eight houses.

The application states that the houses will be 3 bedroom properties, formed of 2 terraces of 4, along with areas for parking and amenities. 15 car parking spaces have been provided for the surgery and pharmacy and 8 spaces for the houses, equating to one space per house.

The application has so far attracted one letter of complaint by a nearby resident, who suggests that the provision of car parking spaces is not adequate, and will contribute to parking issues already experienced in Osbourne Road.

The site has already had one planning application rejected for a block of flats and the use of the main building as a health centre. 

Yellow Dot Nursery looked at the Wykeham Club in 2016 with a view to tuerning it into a children's nursery and had a viability study completed, but did not proceed with a planning application.

The full application can be seen by visiting the following link and searching for this reference, 18/00352/OUTN