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Travellers Leave Smannell Road - Again!

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Local News | Travellers Leave Smannell Road - Again! | Andover & VillagesTravellers set up camp over the weekend next to the Smannell Road roundabout on Augusta Park, they were seen yesterday enjoying the sun around a camp fire but have moved on again overnight leaving a pile of rubbish, scorched grass from the fire and a small pile of vegetation.

Over the last few months, Andover's resident travellers have camped on Churchill Way, Saxon Heights and Picket Twenty. 

One of the vehicles used by the travellers is a sign written works van for the purpose of tree surgery and garden waste collection, it is understood that cold call door to door for business.

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An online check has indicated that whilst this vehicle is taxed and not due for an MOT, it is not insured.

Whilst the travellers were on Churchill Way, the cuttings and garden clearance waste from jobs taken in the Andover area, was dumped next to their camp, leaving Test Valley Borough Council with the bill to clear it all away when the travellers moved on.

Residents are responsible for ensuring anyone removing waste from their property is authorised to do so.

Cold callers can be reported to Hampshire County Council’s Trading Standards on 01962 833620 and any fly tips can be reported to Test Valley Borough Council’s Environmental Service on 01264 368000.

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