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Southern Water Says Fixing Leaks is a Gift

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Business News | Southern Water Says Fixing Leaks is a Gift | Andover & VillagesSouthern Water has wrapped up a £2 million present for its water customers - during 2018 we will be fixing leaks between customers' front doors and our water mains for free.

The offer covers one fix per property during the year, to help save precious water and increase the region's resilience following last year’s dry winter and the very dry autumn we have just experienced.

Ian McAulay, Southern Water chief executive, said: “Our customers are already among the most water efficient in the country but we are always asking them to do more - in fact I have set a target of using just 100 litres per person per day by 2040 from 130 litres today. But if we’re asking our customers for help, it’s only right that we play our part too. We want to do everything we can to reduce wasted water, and offering to fix any leaking pipes which would previously have cost our customers money is a great way to confirm our commitment to saving as much water as we possibly can.'

Southern Water already spends £14 million a year finding and fixing leaks, and the company has almost 100 dedicated teams searching for leaks 24/7.

Customers have long been aware that they are responsible for fixing leaks inside their homes but not everyone realises the supply pipe from the Southern Water mains to the property door is also their responsibility.

The scheme will run throughout 2018. Although burst pipes are associated with the winter, the leaks they cause are usually more noticeable in the summer months.

'This is an excellent way to thank our customers for their hard work in cutting water usage. It is something that we have done historically and with the possibility of drought conditions in parts of the Southern Water region, we hope this scheme will also make a difference,' said Helen Simonian, wholesale water services director.