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Sustainability Event at Local Business Centre

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Business News | Sustainability Event at Local Business Centre | Andover & VillagesBasepoint Andover teamed with their licensee Minerva Communications in June, for an interactive session on sustainability. A much covered topic in recent times.

Minerva Communications, a licensee at Basepoint Andover for over 5 years, are a specialist SME agency working with companies & organisations in science, sustainability and health on knowledge exchange, impact & communications across the UK & Europe. Minerva are also involved in many sustainability projects, including CommBeBiz – Bioeconomic research and Biovoices – pushing for a sustainable future.

The talk was interactive and featured the attendees trying to guess what an item was made from. Examples including a skateboard made of discarded or broken fishing line, Frisbees made from sea algae and pencils made from recycled denim.

The subject matter created much interest and helped in bringing the subject of a sustainable future to the forefront of our minds. It was also highlighted how much even the small things we do can aid in our sustainable future – such as having a re-usable coffee cup when on the go and recycling correctly.