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Southampton University Workers Strike

  • Written by Editor

Education News | Southampton University Workers Strike | Andover & VillagesUNISON members at Southampton University will take 24 hour strike action this Wednesday, 28 June.

University of Southampton Residences Support night shift, who look after thousands of students in halls of residences, have voted to take strike action due to University plans to cut their pay by between 18 and 20%.

UNISON has made alternative proposals to the University, but the University has rejected them and has refused to negotiate.

Mike Wilson, UNISON regional organiser said:

"No worker on a normal salary can afford to take a 20% pay cut. These cuts will leave people unable to pay their rents and mortgages. The University is rich enough to pay its Vice Chancellor over £400,000 per year, and recently obtained £300 MILLION of funding from the stock market. This is a very wealthy employer, and it has no justification for slashing workers’ pay.

"The Vice Chancellor of the University and the University Board should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. UNISON urges the University to withdraw these shocking and unacceptable pay cuts, and work with the union to find an acceptable solution."