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Hampshire Stalking Clinic Recognised In National Inspection

  • Written by Editor

Hampshire News | Hampshire stalking clinic recognised as best practice in national inspection of harassment and stalking| Andover & VillagesThe Hampshire stalking clinic has been recognised as best practice as part of a joint inspection of harassment and stalking led by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Hampshire’s multi-agency stalking clinic reviews cases of stalking as they are reported. Police, Probation, the CPS, Mental Health professionals and vitally a dedicated victim advocate work together each month to review the highest risk cases and ensure everything possible is being done to stop the behaviour and keep the victim safe.

Hampshire Constabulary Detective Chief Inspector Tim Rowlandson said: “Stalking is a unique crime, characterised by fixation and obsession and often with clear links to mental ill-health. The psychology behind stalking is complex and needs to be properly understood if we are to have any chance of stopping it.

“We are really pleased to have been recognised for the work we are doing in Hampshire. Our multi agency stalking clinic and stalking advocacy service have been mentioned specifically as best practice.

“We continue to build on this work with victims and looking forward we aim to explore further how we can work with stalkers to treat their behaviour and reduce reoffending. We are working with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust on a bid for funding to support this.”

Shonagh Dillon CEO of advocacy service Aurora New Dawn said: “We are delighted that our Multi-agency Stalking Consultancy Clinic has been held up as best practice by HMIC for our support to victims of stalking and providing interventions for offenders. At Aurora we pride ourselves on working in partnership with a range of organisations to ensure the victims voice is strong and clear.

“We are particularly encouraged that Aurora’s stalking advocacy service is mentioned by HMIC as a good example of how to work with victims. We appreciate that there is still a lot of work to do and look forward to continuing our model of work to support as many victims as possible.”