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Comedy Triple Bill at The Lights in Andover

Comedy Triple BillJun 09

Friday 7:30pm

Main auditorium

Three fast-paced, one act plays giving fun-seeking audiences a full and entertaining evening: Last Tango in Little Grimley, A Jolly Sinister Jape and Last Panto in Little Grimley.

"Beautifully delivered punchlines"


"Great Timing"

"A hoot!"

Last Tango in Little Grimley (by David Tristram)
Membership of the local amateur dramatic society has dwindled to four and the audiences aren't much bigger. If they don't come up with some rent money soon, they're going to be thrown out. Time for dramatic action. "There's only one thing that sells tickets these days" argues the Chairman. "Sex!"  But how will the locals react to the promise of a sizzling sex comedy? All is revealed in this hilarious play and thus begins the chaotic build-up to an evening of extraordinary home-grown drama - an evening the locals would never forget! 

 A Jolly Sinister Jape (by Elliot Strange)

A pastiche 1920's thriller with a plot that defies description. This is Famous Five fun for adults as Stubby, Ophelia, Biffy and Fatty find themselves trapped in a mysterious house during a thunderstorm. Is this someone's idea of a jape? Or is something far more sinister going on? All is revealed in this madcap comedy set in the Roaring Twenties. It's fast and furious with a liberal sprinkling of hilarious period slang, along with mystery and thrills.

Last Panto in Little Grimley (by David Tristram)

Sequel to Last Tango in Little Grimley, Last Panto in Little Grimley features the same incompetent characters. The society members tackle the Christmas Pantomime with predictable riotous results. It's Dick Whittington...but not as you know it!

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