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Putting the Brakes on Drink and Drug Drivers

  • Written by Editor

Motoring News | Putting the Brakes on Drink and Drug Drivers | Andover & VillagesWiltshire Police is supporting the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) Christmas Drink and Drug Drive Campaign this December.

The campaign aims to target irresponsible and dangerous drivers to reduce fatal and serious road traffic collisions and protect other road users.

The NPCC national campaign runs throughout December and focuses on education and enforcement. We hope to educate the public around the risks and the consequences of driving whilst under the influence of drink and drugs through our social media channels and local media. This will be supported by targeted operational activity by officers to protect the public by enforcing the laws around drink and drug driving.

Head of the Road Safety Unit Sergeant Simon Drewett said: “Motorists who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs are not only putting themselves at risk, but also the lives of other road users across the county.

“Drink-driving has for a number of years been seen as taboo by society, however during the festive season more people take the risk after a few drinks with friends or whilst out at Christmas parties.

“Recent statistics have also highlighted a worrying amount of people drug-driving on our roads now too. If you are out over the Christmas period then please plan your journey accordingly”. The Christmas Drink and Drug Drive Campaign follows the summer Drink and Drug Drive Campaign, where nationally over 35,000 motorists were breathalysed with 10% either testing positive, refusing to provide or failing. From the 2022 drug screening device tests administered, 54% were positive.

In the last 50 years road casualties caused by drink-driving have fallen dramatically. However, an average 54,099 people are convicted of attempting to drive a motor vehicle while over the limit each year. Collisions caused by drink and drug driving regularly result in serious injuries and deaths on our roads.

Many drivers continue to ignore the risks and drive their vehicle after drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs. Despite the recent fall in drink-driving convictions, the harm caused by those who still drink-drive is in fact increasing.

Combining illegal drugs with alcohol is especially deadly since it has been found that drivers who have consumed both are 23 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than sober drivers. Sergeant Simon Drewett added: “Changes in drug-driving legislation in 2015 have also made it easier for police to catch and convict drug-drivers. The limits across a variety of illegal and commonly abused prescription drugs are extremely low – taking even a very small amount could put drivers over the limit”.

Anyone wishing to report an incident of drink or drug driving should call Wiltshire Police on 101 and select option 4 for the drink-drive hotline.

In an emergency call 999.