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One Last Thrill - Originals Band

We are primarily an originals band. 

One Last Thrill formed in August 2010. After playing local venues with a full covers set they moved onto doing original material. After years of line up changes they have been finalised with the lineup consisting of Gareth Haskins on Rhythm Guitar and shared Lead Vocals with Steph Whitehead. Alongside them is Oscar Rees on Lead Guitar, Craig Lillywhite on Bass and Josh Lock on drums. 

They have adopted a mixture of influences from bands like Green Day, Guns N Roses, Black Stone Cherry, The Who, Thin Lizzy and Blondie and many more and mixed them all together to create their own take on Rock n Roll.

They made their way around their local area playing in Pubs and Clubs to build a local fan base. They have played many music festivals such as Crispystock Music Festival in Andover in 2010 and Larmer Tree Festival in 2011 as well as further playing many venues across the south of England including The George Andover, The Railway Winchester, The Joiners Southampton and the Arts Centre in Salisbury. 

They released their debut; self titled EP in April 2013, which included their first single ‘I Wanna Dance’ which has been gaining popularity ever since. Also in 2013 they signed an endorsement with Memphis Clothing.


Gig Dates

Saturday 10th August - Party in the Pitch Festival, Ludgershall

30th August – The 100 Club, London. 


Getting hold of One Last Thrill is easiest through Workhorse Promotions - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


”Here we are presented with a fresh faced bunch with hard rock so mature, it quite possibly exceeds their combined years. Guns n' Roses virtuosity, layered over a 70's pop / rock vibe, culminating in more streamlined Wildhearts or even Skunk Anansie. These guys truly mix it up and mix it up well. "Scream Out Loud", not only begs to be played at Volume 11, it demands your full attention in the live arena and will sure be a song these guys will still be expecting to play in twenty years time”” - Jose, Casket Music/Copro Records

“”Quite a variation to your sound, hard rock through indie pop, seems to have a wide range of influences. Love the male/female vocal too. Certainly some good stuff going on here.”” – Angry Badger Records


“”A band that sways between suave and swagger......A band of people who, when they play make you feel like you’re the member who got the sack for not being hip enough””– Castledown Radio