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In Darklight - Originals Band

Following the evolution of In Darklight into a 3-piece during 2010, brothers Ben & Louis Sellers and Ross Archer continue to develop and expand in the alternative rock genre.  This is evident from a succession of original music releases since 2004.

Their latest EP, 'Drift' (Dec 2012) excites, portraying new ideas and influences. Front man Ben's powerful, yet melodic bass lines blend with driving, precisely orchestrated drumming from Louis to create a tight and explosive rhythm section.  Adding Ross' creative and distinctive guitar work to Ben's honest, reflective lyrics results in soaring choruses, mature songwriting and hooks that refuse to vacate the memory.

With the technical ability to self-produce to exacting standards in the studio and the musicianship to carry this on to the stage, live performances are energetic, effervescent and engaging.  The musical content both challenges and entertains the listener - power balanced by harmonic subtlety and skillful touches of brilliance; confidence without arrogance.

Just as the previous release, 'Beautiful Design' (Mar 2012) differed from the preceding self-titled EP (Aug 2011), 'Drift' portrays new musical horizons that move forward, never looking to repeat.

Here's a link to our latest music video:


Saturday 14th September - The Lights / Costa Coffee Acoustic Night, Andover

Saturday 5th October - The Anton Arms, Andover

Wednesday 23rd October  - The Lights / Oxjam, Andover


Contact & Info


Louis Mobile: 07792 770 994