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Heating Causes the Most Home Arguments

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Perfect Home | Heating Causes the Most Home Arguments | Andover & VillagesFOR BRITS living with family, friends or a partner, it seems that there is one thing that is getting them hot under the collar, new research reveals.

29% of British adults cite disagreements over the central heating as the most common cause of household arguments, according to a survey of 1,394 UK adults by home heating specialists, Emo Oil.

Although more than three quarters of UK adults (82%) state that they are happy with their living arrangement and the people they co-reside with, 62% of respondents claim disputes over heating occur at least once every three months.

Concerns over high bills, temperature levels and when the heating is switched on or off, are listed by respondents as some of the key reasons for heated disputes.

Men are more likely to turn off the heating in a bid to save money than their female counterparts, with 54% claiming they do so.

Arguments over household chores, interior design decisions, general mess and cooking were found to be the top five causes of squabbles for UK residents.

Suzanne Waddell, Marketing Manager at Emo Oil, said: “It’s surprising to see that despite a large proportion of Britons stating they’re happy with their current living arrangements, including the person they live with, we still get really irked by the small day to day things they do.

“It seems here in the UK, we just can’t seem to agree on central heating issues in the home and allow it to be a frequent cause of rows. We recommend sitting down at least once or twice a year to discuss a heating plan that everybody is happy with and then there are no nasty surprises later down the line.”

The research revealed that other causes of arguments, which featured in the top ten, centred around factors such as what’s on TV, unmade beds and lights being left on and wearing shoes indoors.

According to the survey, residents living in the North West are the worst culprits when it comes to arguing about the central heating, with 34% citing this as the main cause of quarrels in the home.