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87% Of Us Are Not Planning To Move Home In 2017

  • Written by Lucy

87% of us are not planning to move home in 2017New research carried out by interior design specialists, Inspired Wallpaper, has revealed that 87% of UK residents are staying put, and are not planning to move home this year.

Be it due to an unstable economy or rapidly rising costs, both homeowners and renters are in agreement that 2017 is the year to remain in their current properties. Unusually, both genders and all ages were in agreement, with the survey showing a united front for putting plans to move home on hold.

Bad news for estate agents and removal firms, it also means that current homes are set to be scrutinised more so than ever before. Neglected décor and DIY will be once more on the agenda, with the British public keen to make their home a haven. Investing in properties will become prioritised over a ‘make do and mend’ approach, with upcoming Bank Holidays set to be spent with a measuring tape and toolbox.

Speaking on the research results, Rebecca Baddeley, Design Manager at Inspired Wallpaper commented:

“Us Brits are a house-proud nation, but we are all guilty of sweeping things under the carpet and turning a blind eye to our home’s imperfections. Now we’re set to stay put, the jobs we’ve put off will start to niggle and they’ll be bumped up the to-do-list.

“More so than ever we need to fall back in love with our homes, we spend more of our time there after all!”