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James Mitchell @ Falcon's Fete 2013

  • Written by Sub Editor

Today, Sunday 25th August, we went to the Falcon's Fete at the Andover Rugby club, and isn’t it funny how you run into people!

James Mitchell and I studied guitar together at the ACM in Guildford and hadn’t seen each other since around 2008, until I bumped into him in Tesco’s only last week. We chatted for a bit and then – would you believe it? – he was playing as we walk into the field.

It was an original and I had the same feel I remembered when I listened to him at college – soulful and honest.

He next performed Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ and I was impressed. Something you find all too often with solo guitarist acts is their lack of ability to bring a song to life - especially with a song like this. His clever version of it brought both the solid back beat along with the catchy melodic tones. 10 out of 10!

He followed with a mix of originals and covers, performing an awesome medley to finish, cleverly combining ‘We Found Love’, ‘Show Me Love’, ‘Lady' and ‘Everybody Dance’. It struck me instantly, as he was using one of favourite of all time chords - for anyone who's interested a minor7b13.

I’m finding it hard to flaw his performance today, it was a real pleasure. His voice, as always, was on top form, hitting all the right notes and never detracting from the clarity of the songs.

His voice and beautiful Martin & Co Korina OMCE guitar brought the songs to life, and I shall most definitely be checking when and where he’s playing next.

To find out more about this incredibly talent you can check his website here: