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Chasing Daisies @ The Commercial Centre Fun Day

Chasing Daisies are a vocal quartet with a line-up as follows: Holly, Laura, Amber and Amy.

Bringing together their four very different voices, they started with ‘Begging You’. However, about 20 seconds into it, there was a little bit of drama, with one of the microphones breaking, but John Penfound, from the Torn Off Strips, solved the problem by giving Holly a new mic to use.

They were reintroduced, by the MC, David Harber, and started again, as if nothing happened. Their beautiful harmonies and powerful voices carried through the crowd, grabbing everyone’s attention.

Captured with the power of 'Begging You', we were then indulged with Bruno Mars’s ‘Locked out of Heaven’, which made everyone feel anything but locked out of Heaven. The next song they sang was for Holly’s granny, who, we were told, had this down as her favourite song. The second it came on I recognised it as 'Try' by P!nk, and their voices, like waves of melody, brought the song to life, maybe even more so than the original. You can tell the mark of an excellent singer by the power and passion that is pumped into the voice. This was just such a case, and I sat and let me ears be thrummed by four examples of this.

They went onto to sing ‘Love Takes Over’ and then ‘Valerie’, which was just awesome, and really allowed them to explore their voices, gorgeously accentuating the relative 3rd intervallic harmonies. They are a phenomenal group and do well in truly exploiting their voices.

Along with a personalised, piano version of ‘Heart’, by Demi Lovato and a finish with 1D’s ‘Kiss’, it was another great set and pushed the autumnal mood back into summer.

I was doubly impressed to hear that they have only been together for a few months, but I am hopeful, and confident, that they will be with us for a long time still to come.

They have their own YouTube Channel, which can be found here: