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Gray Smith – Morning Mr Malibu – Song Review

 Morning Mr Malibu by Grey Smith

I returned home from the school run this morning to hear a rather funky tune bleating from the living room. I walked in and playing on Facebook was Gray Smith’s new song, Morning Mr Malibu.

For me, it’s all about the music. If the music’s good then you can guarantee that I’m sticking around for the whole of it! In this instance, I stuck around for all of it.

I then read what Grey wrote about this recording and I quote – Whilst sat on a bed in my underpants, I recorded this song and made this "video". With one guitar, a microphone, a laptop, and nothing else but a little bit of love and effort.

Maybe you should only wear underpants more often!

The introduction draws you in with a gentle bass crescendo, a heartbeat bass thump and a soothing, chordal structure. Having been eased and teased into a false sense of quiescence, it ends with a stab, followed by a wordless riff. After another stabbing ending to this section, the lyrics start atop a catchy, but somewhat ‘empty’, verse, which is great, because it adds dynamic and allows somewhere for the song to go – which, considering this song was done by a man in his underpants, with just a laptop, love and effort, is not bad going!

The chorus then brings the song to life, adding to it a more progressive chord sequence with equally progressive and catchy lyrics, sung with a verve and veracity! It’s a cracker, and like he says ‘Give me a fully functional recording studio, someone with a little bit of know-how to push some buttons, and I'll make you a high quality album.’

I want that high quality album!

The outro is an upbeat version of the intro, and is the perfect end to a perfect song.

You can download this song on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or BandCamp.

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