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In Darklight @The Anton Arms - Saturday 5th October

Alternative Rock Band "In Darklight" attracted a really good crowd at The Anton Arms last night. Although I was not able to stay for both sets I decided to head down anyway to check it out.

It was really nice seeing my old house mate Ross, the band's guitarist. We had a nice catch up and he told me that although being primarily an originals band, they have been doing a lot of function and covers gigs recently which is what this gig would predominantly be with some tracks from the new EP as well. Already knowing how good their own tracks are, I was looking forward to hearing how the originals stood up to the covers. 


Band Lineup: Ben Sellers - Bass & Lead Vocals, Ross Archer - Guitar, Louis Sellers - Drums & Vocals


The music kicked off very strongly with Futureless, one of their own compositions. Right away they had my attention. Ben's vocal was very powerful and the song kept me interested the whole way through. All to often I see originals bands and I've just lost interest within a verse and chorus. The vocal performance coupled with really good use of dynamics prevented any of this from happening.

When I think back to the covers I would first of all say that a lot of them were choices that have been relatively over played. This could be taken as a negative comment indicating that the choices were unoriginal and trite, but I actually think the opposite. The Kinks' You Really Got Me, The Foo Fighters' Everlong, Blur's Song 2 and The Who's Substitute among a couple of others all fitted into their set without fault. They did every single song justice and me, not really being a fan of The Foo Fighters, really enjoyed Everlong. Seeing it played live really helped. Each musician was obviously one hundred percent confident with their parts. This was the case in every song I saw them perform.

They only played two original tracks in the first set. The first being Futureless, the second being You Don't Know. Again, a very good song. There was so much intrigue from the start. It began strong and went from section to section smoothly taking the me on a very easy journey which just seemed to make sense. The guitar part was creative and the vocal rhythm in the pre chorus/chorus was very inventive. I was also very impressed by Louis' harmonies. Ross mentioned to me at the start that Ben's bass playing and Louis's drumming just click really well and that it was probably a "brother thing," but they were all in sync with each other.

Futureless and You Don't Know stood up against all the covers. They were as good, if not better than some, remembering how famous these were.

On the whole, the band are completely professional in every respect. You just feel comfortable in a way when you watch them, knowing how good they really are. No tension, no awkwardness, just really good quality music and great performance.