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These Days Are Numbered – S.S.D.D. – Song Review

  • Written by Sub Editor

Local Andover Heavy Metal band, These days are Numbered have released another new song, called S.S.D.D.

Scott Swinscoe (Vocals), Luke Robbins (Lead and Rhythm Guitars/Vocals), Adam Cox (Lead and Rhythm Guitars) Matt Piggott (Bass Guitar), Kurt Mothersole (Drums) make up this popular original band.

The intro begin with punches from the bassist, guitarists and drummer. The combination of the three makes a sound that demands attention and then delivers more by expressing the minor third, by way of a higher harmony.

It is a clever intro, which when fully evolved, pumps a proper head-banging, crunching riff! The song is then pushed up in tempo by a triplet. The songs remains at this BPM (Beats Per Minute) for a while, at which point it changes again, and then again. I love it when a song shifts tempo like this – it's a very Maiden-esque thing to do – and is done really, really well.

The guitar playing is awesome, with Luke and Adam making an excellent of job of bring the melodies to life through the sweeps and doubling up of notes and quite frankly brilliant and interesting riffs. The bassist and drummer keep the rhythm thumping throughout, as well as keeping it in time. I love the different feels, from the half-time to the double kick drum. The song is brought together by the singing, using the depth of screaming to the true pitches of a gentle and subtle voice.

This song is packed full of dynamic, differences in speed and volume, parts that oh-so softly lure you in and others that demoniacally drag you in. If you're a fan of heavy metal, then you'll love this!