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Outside Central - Unplugged - Review

  • Written by Sub Editor

Outside Central Perform in Andover Town Centre

At the weekend, my friend and I went into town. Having parked in the M&S car park, we were walking from the top of top when we were greeted by the sound of a pair of guitars.

Looking ahead, we soon recognised the faces of Charley and Hugh, the two guitarists from Outside Central. Naturally, we stopped to listen just the other side of a brimming guitar case. Such is the way with busking that we arrived very shortly before the end of the song they were playing.

We put some cash in the case, and promised ourselves that we would return after we'd done what we needed in town. Gladly they were still there, and we were just in time to get our very own performance of an original, which we'd first heard them play at the Pig Fest.

They began playing in unison with a snappy compound interval movement, which moved into a verse with Hugh's brilliant voice breaking adding a crisp level to the guitar. It was so interesting hearing it as an acoustic piece after hearing its electrified counterpart.

They did a great job in bringing it to life and Charley's interesting licks revolving around shape 2 and 3 of the pentatonic scale was a pleasant surprise (as I all too often see guitarists stuck in the 'blues box').

The guitar playing and singing got me and friend unconsciously tapping our feet, and we really wanted to stay for more, but it was still cold and we had to get back!

Good job, Outside Central! Looking forward to your next gig at The Lights for the Breakers Community Project Fundraiser, this Saturday 19th October.

Outside Central Perform in Andover Town Centre