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Bethany Hayter @ Breakers Community Project Fundraiser

As we arrived at The Lights, Bethany was just about to go on stage, and by the time I'd finished ordering and had my first drink in hand, she was just completing her sound test. With the thumbs up from the sound man at the back, she started and she has got something that not many performers have – calm.

It was so nice to listen to her, because she doesn't look like she's nervous. She takes the comfort and ease of the practise studio onto the stage and you can sink into the music without worrying that she is going to make a mistake. Her guitar playing is solid and constant, while her singing fits perfectly on top.

With some songs her guitar playing is just simple but with accurate chord work, while others are much more complicated and, not only require a lot of moving about the fretboard, but also tricky finger picking – a little like Blackbird, by the Beatles, which if you're a guitarist will know that it's not the easiest thing to play!

She played a variety of songs, ranging from more unknown and diverse to the more popular songs from artists such as Adele, Amy Macdonald and Oasis.

I was stunned to hear the sheer power in her voice as she sang 'Someone Like You'. Adele's has a very strong voice, and the basic chord structure of the song is really only doable if the voice is powerful to carry it alone … and Bethany absolutely hits those highs. Her voice is seemingly only one step away from the power of an opera singer. And the way she implements vibrato is very clever, employing it just for a few moments to decorate featured notes. She is a joy to listen to and watch and I would really recommend going to see her.

Having a chat with her at the end, she told me she has some originals, which I would have very much liked to hear her play. I can tell you, Bethany, everyone whose heard you play, will want to hear them too!