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Maddison & Ali @ Breakers Community Project Fundraiser

  • Written by Sub Editor

Madison & Ali @ The Breakers Community Fundraiser at The Lights
Saturday 20th October 2013

The Line-up: Madison Douch (Vocals/Guitar), Ali Goodwin (Keys/Vocals) This understated duo piqued my interest even from seeing them just waiting on stage. Common duo line-ups are: a main singer and main guitar or two guitarists/vocalists. So by seeing a guitarist and keyboardist got me interested.

They started with Valerie, and the guitar and keys blended well together, but it was perfect setting for Maddison's voice to sing on top of. Her voice is powerful, yet soulful, with a rich tone.  Ali's harmonies are welcome addition, slipping in and out at various stages. If I'm being honest, I would have liked to hear more of a combination between the pair, but what I did hear made me very happy. They did an interesting take on King's of Leon's 'Use Somebody', starting with a slow intro and slowly increasing the tempo.

For 'Ironic' by Alanis Morissette, Maddison performed alone, and her version of it was a very true portrayal of the original, bringing the tenderness of the intro to the big, bold, painful irony at the end. I found myself listening intently, relishing every note of her voice.

Ali rejoined her and they performed Chasing Cars. This is difficult song to pull off well, because the chord sequence offers nothing in the way of variety, being quite literally three chords all the way through. So this song depends entirely on dynamics, in terms of volume, flow and content. The on-going melody, unique to the song, is played throughout by Ali, while he uses the other areas of the keyboard to bring more dynamic to the song. Maddison's voice carried beautifully into the crowd and the combination between the guitar and keyboard was excellent. My only criticism, and only because I'm being picky, is that I think they matured the song too early, from the very subtle intro into the first chorus.

Outside of that, I can fault very little and, as well as weaving a couple of originals into the mix, I think they did really well and kept everyone happy with a steady stream of good quality music.


Madison and Ali perform at the Breakers Fundraiser at The Lights

Ali and Maddison

Madison & Ali perform at The Breakers Fundraiser at The Lights Andover Hampshire

Ali on Keyboards and backing vocals

Madison & Ali perform at The Breakers Fundraiser at The Lights Andover Hampshire

Maddison on vocals and guitar

Madison PLays at The Breakers Fundraiser at The Lights

Maddison Plays Guitar and Sings both with Ali and for a few songs alone