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Electric Eden @ The Station Hotel - 19th October

Electric Eden went down a storm at The Station Hotel on Saturday evening. There was a good audience there and the size, in my opinion really complimented the band's performance. Electric Eden had a very comfortable and easy rapport with the audience. They showed their appreciation for the crowd and the fans responded in kind. The area in which the bands play in The Station Hotel lends itself to bands like this. The audience can get very close and this heightens the feeling of intimacy between the band and audience.

Electric Eden exhibit skills in electric violin, keys, acoustic guitar, upright bass, cajon and vocals. Some of the band members also contribute with percussion using foot pedals on a kick drum and tambourine. This of course adds to the sound, but just as importantly, it adds to the performance. The band looks more dynamic and therefore more appealing to the audience. It really shows that the band have put thought into all aspects of their performance; artistically, visually and personality wise. They come across as being very endearing and likable. One of the most important lessons I learned when studying music was:

"when you are working in the industry - don't act like an idiot"

                                                                               (or words to that effect)

This applies on and off stage and it is so important. I did not leave the gig only thinking how great the music was. I left also thinking how nice they all were during performance and afterwards even though this gig was sandwiched between playing a fundraiser earlier in the day, then doing a soundcheck in Winchester and heading back to Winchester to play their next gig. In spite of all this they still had time to be personable and polite.

The music is of a contemporary folk style which transposes itself into the modern music scene beautifully. Obviously all the members are very talented in their disciplines. They were able to be extremely fluent in their playing whilst being energetic throughout and singing backing vocals, which , I might add, were bang on. The music was pretty much non stop which kept the energy up in the venue. It was just the way you might imagine the style of music would be played originally. I used to think that there was only one style of ultimate party music. This for me will always be the Mambo or indeed any Latin music but this stuff is fantastic to dance to and encourages friendship and conversation. 

Five all round great musicians playing upbeat and mesmerizing music equals a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Andover Back Beat loves these guys and just to prove it we reviewed them twice! No excuses not to check them out. You will be in for a fantastic evening. Also, a little bit of eye candy for the ladies never goes amiss!