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Ben – In Darklight @ Oxjam Music Festival

>Ben Sellers from In Darklight was playing when we arrived at The Lights. He was sat on a secondary stage, which appeared set up for single, smaller acts.

His confidence in the notes he was reaching, as well as the power in his voice, got me into it from the the beginning. His guitar had a really good tone, clear and cutting, but rich and it backed his voice. It was a shame that we arrived for his last two songs, but what I heard was an brilliant exhibition of voice and guitar working on the same high level.

He played a song called 'Painkiller', and demonstrated quality strumming techniques. He sang the high reaches with precision and the power wasn't sacrificed either. While the sound man was doing some adjusting, Ben had a tinker to get the guitar back in tune - not that it sounded out, but it's always good to check, especially if you get the chance.

He finished with Steve Wonder's 'Superstition', which I have to say was truly amazing! This is not at all the kind of song you expect to hear from a solo act, at all, mainly because the only bit that people really know about the song is the catchy line that runs throughout it. Without that line, the song ceases to be Superstition. So, the only way of playing it, successfully, as a solo act is to punch that single melody line out as loud and as clearly as possible, while singing. All this, he did, and, with an excellent use of bubble picking and skank picking, he performed it well. He even got the little fills in. I was so impressed and so were the audience. This is possibly the best rendition I've heard of the song, given the complexity of it

Ben is the bassist and vocalist for the band 'In Darklight', so I'm not sure how often he plays as a solo act, but if you catch wind that he is, go along to it!