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Maddison & Ali @ Oxjam Music Festival

  • Written by Sub Editor

Maddison & Ali Perform @ Oxjam at the Lights, Andover
October 2013

Maddison Douch (Guitar/Vocals) Ali Goodwin (Keyboard/Vocals)

They kicked-off with 'Chasing Cars'. Last time I reviewed them, I talked about building the song too early, and this time it definitely had a longer crescendo. The treble of the keyboard worked well with the rich tones of the guitar and their voices worked in similar synergy.

They followed with an original, which I still didn't catch the name of - it seemed a bad night for hearing song names! Maddison's lovely voice reminded my somewhat of Joss Stone, especially the soulful power.

As a duet they really fill the stage and the room, which is not an easy to lay claim to when you're only a two piece. I apply this to every song they played, but especially with 'Use Somebody', which they began with declarative musical bursts and vocal melodies.

They performed an original called 'Please Don't Change' which, the more I hear, the more I like. Ali's keyboard intro sets a really nice tone and Maddison's guitar work compliments it well, with touching lyrics. They have been performing in the Open Mic UK competition – and are doing very well, having gone through the first two rounds – and will be hoping to compete in the finals.

They finished the night with a song called 'Counting Stars'. Just as an aside, it's kinda cool that the first and last song rhyme. They got the really catchy beat into their performance and Maddison hit the highs with great success, which Ali held onto the deep vocal fill.

If you want to show them support for the Open Mic UK competition then check out their YouTube video here:


Maddison and Ali perform at Oxjam at The Lights Andover

Maddison and Ali at Oxjam usic Festival at teh lights Andover

Maddison Douch

Maddison and Ali at Oxjam usic Festival at teh lights Andover

Ali Goodwin