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Fairplay Youth Series Heat 1 - 10th November 2013

Fairplay Andover is a young persons music competition which not only gives the artists an opportunity to win some great prizes, it also makes it possible for them to play in front of an audience in a professional environment. This in itself is a great thing.

Sunday 10th showed us some really good acts. The Heat 1 consisted of Declan Carrier, Bertie Chattell, Matt Bird and Katy Hurt. Each artist showed their talents playing music they love. This is something which really came across. Watching an artist play something they are passionate about just enthralls you all the more. You are taken in by their performance. They make you feel what they feel.

The audience was small, which was a shame, but they were attentive and supportive. It was great to see the artists supporting each other as well. This is another thing the competition gives them. It offers them the chance to practice their social skills around the sorts of people who, let's face it, could be offering them recording contracts in the future. All of the acts were friendly and kind and it was good to see the local acts being supportive and welcoming to the acts who had come from further afield. 



The two acts going through to the final on Saturday 7th December are.......

Bertie Chattell and Katy Hurt!

Next week on the 17th we will see some bands performing. It'll be interesting to see what different styles they play. I'd love to see some versatility and inventiveness in the writing and some really confident performances. I am very much looking forward to it.

Please come and bring your family next time. 

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