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Ben Sellers – In Darklight @ Andover Christmas Lights Switch On

Ben Sellers from In Darklight Performs at the Christmas Lights Switch on in Andover Town Centre
15th November 2013

After a short intro from Steve Randall, Ben Sellers came on stage and brought the show to life on this chilly November eve.

We were all cold, even he was, but his strong on-stage persona and charisma warmed everyone. He started his set with a powerful song, I believe was called You're All I Have (but, Ben, please let me know if this is wrong). It was a perfect starter with a simple and strong strum pattern revolving around E and A (a great chord sequence and very easy to get into on such a cold night). He boomed out the chord sequence and he immediately began in falsetto, with good pitch accuracy. His confidence drew everyone in and he'd won the crowd over after the first song – no, the first note!

He was quick to move onto the next song, a rendition of Teenage Icon, by the Vaccines. His voice was clear and he really sings the emotion as well as just the words. His techniques on the axe were faultless, with a good understanding of skank picking, which he employed later on in Superstition.

He slowed it down for his next song, bringing a beautiful and descending open chord sequence. Even though it was slow, the beat was strong and it made for excellent dynamic.

The little Christmas ditty he'd chosen was Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. Great mood, great atmosphere, great voice and guitar playing, as well as playing to an audience that he'd already won over.

He finished with Superstition, which, although I've said it before, is a really hard song to pull off well. The real joy of it is that you can listen to it as an instrumentalist or just as a sheer lover of music, and enjoy it from both perspectives, because he brings all the ingredients together that make it sound like the full song.

In Darklight and the Solo Act

Ben Sellers is the bassist and lead singer from band In Darklight: After having had a heavy summer of gigging they are recording their new EP. Along with this, they are also shooting a video to accompany the single. As of yet, it is all currently untitled, but it is set for a release date of early 2014. They reckon around February, but you can follow them, and indeed keep up to speed on their progress, on their Facebook page:

Ben has been doing these solo sets for around a year. Its genesis comes from when his brother got involved with the arrangement of the first Costa Coffee Acoustic nights. In Darklight were favoured to play, but it would have been impractical to have a 'band' playing such a small arena, so it was decided that Ben would almost become like a splinter cell of In Darklight, bringing the music, spreading the word, and growing the fan-base for the band. Clever, eh?