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Bethany Hayter @ Andover Christmas Lights Switch On

  • Written by Sub Editor

Bethany Hayter stood on the stage bringing the 'calm' in spades.

She started with This is the Life, and she performed it with the same beauty as always, lovely vibrato, really sharp and hauntingly good singing and solid guitar work.

Next up, she played Ho Hey, by the Lumineers. This was cool, because she got the crowd to do the Ho Hey's, and everyone was more than happy to get involved and we sang into the night. She brought it to life putting her voice over the top, and she always rejoined in with Ho Hey's as each new verse started. Towards the end she also used a rallentando and accelerando to bring a new level interest.

The Christmas song she chose was The Power of Love, by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, which she claims is a christmas song, because it appeared on a Christmas CD compilation. Well, she's thinking outside the box hehe.

This was a really clever version of the song. The song itself is a very moving and emotional song, and in the recording, they use lots of instruments to convey that. Bethany only had her voice and a guitar. But that was all she needed. It was brilliant. And she had a bad throat all week, so you can only applaud such a performance.

But, Bethany, we need to talk about you doing your originals!