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Chasing Daisies @ Andover Christmas Lights Switch On

  • Written by Sub Editor

Chasing Daisies came on stage looking great, and it is always a pleasure to watch them perform.

They always keep the line up the same, which is good, as it acts like a second uniform to their beautiful outfits.

They started with Valerie and the crowd went wild when they heard the song start. The girls didn't disappoint either, their voices cutting through the freezing atmosphere. They always use their voices to the limit, sharing the lead between each other, using the softness of one voice to the power of all four combined.

The sang Wrecking Ball, and then performed Two Becomes One, by the Spice Girls. The harmonies were clean and crisp, and the whole performance was very polished.

They finished with Beggin', Hollie kicking it off, while the other girls showed off their skill at picking out individual harmonies. They are very talented and clever, and they always do such a good job at bringing every song they perform to life.