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Fairplay Youth Series Heat 2 - 17th November 2013

 Tonight We Fall  - Andover Fairplay Heat 2 Winners

Tonight We Fall - Through to the Final

What a superb event this was! The atmosphere was fizzing, even as we were walking down the alley to the venue, The George. People were waiting outside, until they were ready to open the doors. There was a slight delay from the sound technician arriving late, but only by about 15 minutes or so.

On the adult judging panel was: Louis from Anton Road Recording Studio, Nigel from MBE, David from Bellboy Music, Nicki from Valley Leisure, Dave from The Round Table.

On the youth judging panel was: Charley, Holly and Jordon.

Considering that the doors weren't open to the spectators, the whole room was alive. However, my first stop was the bar, to meet a date with a bottle of Trooper, Iron Maiden's trademark beer!

Tonight We Fall

The first band on was Tonight We Fall. It always hard being the opener, but they brought the night to boom with cracking energy, excellent conviction and strong performances. We were told that venues restrictions didn't allow any moshing, but I saw people's heads at the front mashing away. The singer carried the songs like a true pro; the guitarists and bassist worked well together, while the drummer beefed out some serious beats!


After a short sound check, Neuköln were ready to play. This alternative rock band, whose influences my friend and I agreed mostly appeared to be The Cure, really took the show to another level. With interesting effects on the instruments, ranging from extra distortion, flange, delay, tremolo, and accompanied with interesting and unexpected song dynamics they ruled their time on stage. They finished with a song called Swan Song. This was brilliant, and the song ended with a killer build up, as the instruments screamed to a close.

The Revenants

The Revenants were next up, and they performed both original and covers. As much as I like distortion, it was a pleasure to see the guitarists also using a clean sound, and not just for the chords, but also for the solo. The singer, and other vocalists were all confident in their performances, the bassist solid, and the drummer called on an impressive inventory of techniques.

Purple Embers

Purple Embers were on fourth, dressed smartly in white shirts and ties. They had a lot of energy and each musician brought their own confidence. They played such songs as T-Rex's 20th Century Boy and Song 2, by Blur. On the whole, they did a good job, however, it is worth checking the tuning on your instruments between songs.

Crooked Tongues

Crooked Tongues started their set saying, "Everyone move back! No, seriously, move back!" It made me and my friend chuckle, and the people who stayed at the front were the heavy moshers (even though it wasn't really permitted). They brought huge energy and everyone loved it! The guitar was so low it was like a bass; the bass was so low you could see the vibrations. With the customary swearing and head banging, these guys took the night on a tour through the world of metal.

Sketches of Sound

This was Sketches of Sound's first gig. Andover got lucky last night when they played, knowing that there will be more. They played a multitude of songs, from Metallica's Enter Sandman (a fave of mine), to Sharp Dressed Man. They played with expertise, good strong rhythms, super solos and the bassist and guitarist changed instruments at the end. Cool!

The Heat Winners were Tonight We Fall and Sketches of Sound (not bad for a first gig).

Sketches of Sound - Andover Fairplay Heat 2 Winners

Sketches of Sound - Through to the Final