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Fairplay Youth Series Heat 3 - 24th November 2013

These, Days, Are, Numbered, perform, at, the, Fairplay, Youth, Gig, Series,' Heat, 3

Another brilliant evening at The George which is sadly set to close its doors for good after a night of music on the 7th December. Such a sad loss to live music in Andover Town.

The Friscos

This was a different line-up to when I last saw these guys, with the singer this time on the bass. It was an all round good performance, with honest interpretations of really good songs. The singer sings with confidence, hit the notes well and plays his instrument (guitar or bass) well! The drummer keeps good time, while the guitarist uses excellent strumming to keep with the beat.

Awake the Wounded

This band had lots of energy. The two singers were playing off each other, as were the two guitarists. The drummer was really on the beat and the crowd were buzzing. There was brilliant guitar playing with truly demonic guitar solos. There were issues with the sound, but after the first couple of songs the issues were sorted.

Casual Attire

When these guys were setting up I was speaking to someone who had heard them before, and he said that they were really good, so my expectations were high. And, my God, I was not disappointed. They were absolutely on it! Every note and beat was hit with precision. The singer sang perfectly with good, but not overused, vibrato. It was a real joy on that Sunday to hear such professionalism from such a young group of musicians. They employed interesting ideas with the drummer and singer singing the same line starting from different beats to create a delay effect. The endings were well rehearsed and complete and they went straight into the next song.

These Days Are Numbered

I recently did a review on these guys. In particular, it was a song, SSDD, so when I found out they were playing I was very interested to hear how they would sound, as recordings can be manipulated to make almost anyone sound good. As it turned out, the recording was a very accurate demonstration of these guys. Their performance was balanced and the sound quality was high, allowing me, and everyone, to hear every part of their superb performance. When the singer wasn't screaming (I think that is the name of the technique) his pitch accuracy was excellent. They ended with SSDD and the crowd loved it! As did I. These Days Are Numbered – let's hope their days are NOT numbered!

These Days Are Numbered and Casual Attire will be going through to the final. The wild card, picked from heat 2, is The Revenants.

Casula Attire perform at the Fairplay Youth, Gig, Series,' Heat, 3