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Awake the Wounded – Revengeance – Song Review

Awake The Wounded Track Review by Andover Back Beat - Revengance

Revengeance, by Awake the Wounded

A strong intro, which begins with a single strike of deep distorted guitars and heavy bass, rings underneath a rhythmic synthesised effect. During these first four bars, a constant bass drum pushes the song forward until working a series of rolls between the snare and toms, taking the intro to a new height. The guitars and bass strike again and then, like the calm before the storm, the song holds before the singers shout, bringing the song into its essence.

The guitarists, bassist and drummer create a beautifully heavy depth, hitting prearranged beats in time. The songs raises in tempo, and the music, just guitar at this point, becomes something other than a heavy rhythm. Drums and bass are reintroduced and the vocals start with it.

The singers play well off each other, utilising the pair of them to create high and low screams, as well as starting at different points in the music. It is unique line up, but they make full use of it and their screaming reflects the emotion behind the music.

There is a re-intro, dropping the tempo, and then the songs picks up again. It is an evolved verse and chorus and then moves into a really melodic and passionate outro, which sounds like it could be a second chorus, before the song ends. It's a great track and leaves you wanting it go on for longer.

You may not like metalcore, but if you like a good drum beat, a good melody then I implore to you check it out. I listened to it five or six times on loop – as I'm reviewing it – and it really made me want to get my guitar and play!