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Neuköln – Cheshire Cat – Song Review

  • Written by Sub Editor

Neuköln – Cheshire Cat – Song Review

Cheshire Cat, by Neuköln.

This song has a very bluesy intro, which is clear from seventh chords employed by the guitar. Blues is always good because it has a very relaxing feel, easing you into the song.

The bass line drives on the quavers and mimics the hi-hat. The only change between the intro and verse is that the seventh chord sequence moves to the 4 chord (for you music aficionados out there the 4 chord in this is a dominant 7th chord). The vocals are interesting with the verses being only spoken, and it tells an interesting story. It's very unassuming and leaves you not sure what to expect, but when the chorus begins it become extremely beauteous. The first thing that struck me were the gorgeous chords and melody line, but as I listened over and over again, the lyrics started to stand out, too. I can't pick every word out, but what I can hear is wonderful.

It has a very spacey and echoic feel, before returning into a second verse, which again tells another story. I'll let you listen to what he's saying! It returns into a chorus, but it is slightly vamped up, with whispers and hushes twining the lyrics together.

This follows with an instrumental section, which is played over a slight derivation of a chorus and is ended with a gentle combination of chords. It returns back into the vamped up chorus, followed by a wordless chorus to an ending that will only leave you wanting more.

This is a beautiful song, utterly catchy with lovely chords, words and melody. There is also another version of the song, which is like an extended remix, with a slightly heavier drum beat.

You can listen to it by clicking here: