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Respect-Fest 2014 @ The Lights, Andover

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Award Ceremony at the end. Tanners Lane take the trophy.

I was kindly invited along to watch the Respect-Fest, held at the Lights Theatre in Andover.

On stage and ready for use were all the amps, I counted six, a drum set and three mics, as well as a chaos pad, placed on its own stool and ready.

Before the music, a video was played, made by Louise and Colin, promoting awareness of those with a disabilities. It was a very touching video that exposed how we, as a society, are really quite detached from it.

First up, the most important thing for me to say is this: The passion that came out from all the performers was just incredible. And I want to say thank you to everyone who entertained me last night!

Charley Robinson, one of the organisers of the college event, came on and introduced the first band, as 'the first band'.

It was a four-piece, acoustic band armed with a cahon player, a guitarist, a guitarist/singer and harmonica/singer. They all played well, the singers with deep vibrato, the guitarists confidently, the cahon player keeping a good rhythm and the harmonica player adding in well versed melodies. They played a mix of original songs and covers and I very much enjoyed it.

The second band was a five piece and I would give you a run down of who was in it, but everyone kept changing instruments! (Very impressive, and big smiled here). They opened with a Jessie Jay number, 'Do it Like a Dude'. And the quality of music was really up there. The vocalists, the pianist, drummer, bassist and guitarist, all brilliant and full of conviction.

The third band, just like the second band, had a crazy line up, with people changing instruments throughout. I was deeply impressed with the togetherness of these guys. Their excellent use of effects went hand in hand with the high quality of playing and the music did all the talking in telling me that they were great. They finished with an original and wow! The final part of the song was completed with a very haunting vocal blowout/solo using the chaos pad.

The fourth band had a very similar line up to band three with, you guessed it, more changes of instruments. I believe I even saw the cahon player don a bass guitar! They played a variety of songs from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to Go Your Own Way, and even a minor rendition of Morning by Grieg – courtesy of Hugh (guitarist from Outside Central).

Before the interlude, Don Garmen, chairman of the Andover MS society, talked briefly about the society and about the disease itself, about how it affects the sufferer not just physically, but mentally. It was very sad listening to the people that it affects, but it was uplifting to hear how much the society has grown, how it offers so much more support and how young musicians – such as the ones playing at the Respect-Fest – play to fundraise for research into hopefully, once day, finding a cure.

The second set Charley introduced as more of a battle of the bands, with some recording time available to the winner.

The first band was called, 'Forsaken Fire'. They are a three piece, a singer, drummer and guitarist. For one song the singer played bass and it was nice to have it as an addition. All three played with confidence, each member adding their own fills and setting the bar for the rest of the battle.

The second band, The Revenant, are a four piece. They played a mix of originals and covers and I loved how tight they were. They all played excellently, each one putting in a 100%, and they all looked to enjoy it as well. They came across as strong confident performers. I was also impressed with the quality of song writing.

The third band were Follow the Water. So, they were introduced as originally being a jazz trio. This was a slightly misleading piece of information. It was not jazz and I laughed when I heard the musical progression from the different types of music. I'm sure metal aficionados will correct me, but I believe it was death metal? Lots of noise, lots of passion, lots of confidence. It was good and got everyone going.

Lastly, but not… you know the rest. I don't why, but there was some hype about Tanners Lane coming on stage. It was their début gig and I was very excited. I'm not sure what kind of style of music these guys fall into, and they are testament to the concept that: it doesn't matter what it is, if it's good, it's good. I sat back and relaxed into the echoic music, so much so that I almost forgot to get a picture. There was some excellent concinnity between all the instruments and the performance standard was very high.

At the end of the show, the panel of judges of judges took ten minutes to discuss a winner.

Charley Robinson announced, in this order, the joint winner of 'Most Improved Band' – Forsaken Fire and Follow the Water.

In 2nd place was The Revenant.

As joked about on the night, this left the only winner to be Tanner's Lane.

What a cracking night!


By the way, I'm soooo sorry for not getting a picture of the First College Band. If you have one please, please send it in and I'll be more than happy to put it up on the site! Well done again.