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In Darklight – Lock It Out – EP Review


Lock It Out is a five song EP, by In Darklight.

The track listing: 'Give Me A Reason', 'Futureless', 'Freefall', 'It.Makes.It.Worse' and 'Risk Your Life'.

Give Me A Reason

This a killer opening track, up tempo, that opens with a very distorted guitar riff. It rumbles along for four times in a catchy 5/4 time signature, which is enough to make you want to keep listening. Over the next for, the drums join in alternate bars, adding a nice progression. It progresses further, as the next four see the bass enter and the drums continue across all of the them, until breaking into full swing, bass (Ben), guitar (Ross) and drums (Louis) – cleverly layering a poly-rhythmic straight 4/4 drums line under the 5/4 riff.

As the verse starts, the bass stops and the vocals come in under like a (radio) effect. Ben's voice is true and pleasing bends through the melody.

As the song moves into a bridge, the song changes to common time (4/4) and the bass returns, while the underlying riff develops into a chordal progression, before a sharp stop, accenting an excellent transition into a the chorus. Which is made all the more melodic by the heaviness of the previous bridge and verse. I really like it, because the bass and guitar track the same progression and the drums have a lazy feel.

After a very brief re-intro, is the second verse and is an extension of the first, except the bass is also present, and not just swimming around in the lower reaches. There are some great effects on the vocals, which make it great fun to listen to.

It moves back into a bridge and then into another chorus. Another re-intro, but there's also a descent into a 6/8 time signature (or very slow 12/8 – Louis, I'm open to correction!) breakdown section.

Cool break into silence and then into a double chorus, before an outro crash that carries over into track 2.

You can watch the video here:


Futureless is more of a softer rock piece than the first track, still inclusive of some heavy guitar, but the verse is clean. It's a catchy song, with solid drumming, easy-listening bass and soft guitar arpeggios.


Freefall is an all clean piece, with the acoustic guitar the lead. There are some nice harmonies between – I think – Ben and Louis. There are no drums or bass. Just good clean music.


It.Makes.It.Worse takes us straight back into the crunching rock feel. It's another very catchy song and is another display of excellent songwriting.

Risk Your Life

Risk You Life has an ambience feel, that leads in with a drum intro and then stabs out with bass and guitar. Over the verses a gentle delay effect smudges the chords together. The chorus is––


I'll say no more. I don't want to spoil it. :-)

You just need to listen to it, because it's really cool. Listen out for the very last few seconds of the last track... It put a smile on my face. :-)

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You can also download the album here: