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Cavaliers – Gazella – EP Review

Gazella cover art

Cavaliers are: Chris Pott, Eddie Baker, Ed Smith and James Langley.

To give a very brief run down, I saw these guys playing at a friend's party and I recognised the guitarist as an old student of mine (James Langley). But don't think I'm going to be biased!

Gazella is Cavaliers' first EP and is comprised of 4 tracks: Dustin's First Credit Card, If I Had 50p For Every Time You Stabbed Me In The Back I'd Be Looking At At Least £8.60, The Hill, Adam Richman Makes His Favourite Sandwich

Dustin's First Credit Card

This is a great opening track – for any album. It starts with a building oscillation (I believe implying the 4 chord, for any music aficionados out there) and holds while the drums start. The guitar comes in with a melodic riff, also implying the 4 chord, and repeats the motif until a stop, upon which the bass comes in bringing with it the vocals.

There is a solid thump from the bass drum for a little bit and then guitar is also brought it. This introduction bringing all the instruments (vocals included in that) together shows real professionalism and a real class in songwriting.

The drumming is solid and apart from the introduction, the first couple of the verse and some very tasty fills, it has the classic snare on the 2 and 4 and the bass on the 1 and 3. The bass solidifies the rhythm, using the lots of octaves and isn't scared to use legato and staccato to fit in with the song. The vocals are true and he doesn't wham your ears with over developed notes and just lets the lyrics speak for themselves, as well as a hitting all the notes. The guitar is interesting, and is lovely not being having full chords beaten into the song. Most of the guitar lines are, instead, beautiful melodic structures that sit inside the song. And even when the song reaches a climax, it's the bass and drums doing the heavy legwork, while the guitar pushes it forward with a stream of notes.

Very cool...

Okay, so once the verse finishes, the chorus comes in and it has a very similar structure to the verse, except it's a minor version with a similar progression.

Verse two starts with the singer a cappella. Shortly after, the music catches up and it's great, because it's a simple ear catching device.

Chorus two follows and then it progresses into a secondary chorus, which is the same, but achieved through a different use of their instruments.

It is followed by a soft section, something I might call a bridge, and then into a break down section, with overlapping lyrics and a build from all the instruments, until climaxing with another chorus (again, nicely a cappella for the vocalist) and then a full on chorus, before ending with a simple bass outro and cheeky addition of a dominant dyad from the guitarist.

If I Had 50p For Every Time You Stabbed Me In The Back I'd Be Looking At At Least £8.60

This is the first song I heard the band play and it really caught my attention from the beginning. It's more uptempo than the first song, and will keep you listening all the way through.

The Hill

Another uptempo number, The Hill is a catchy combination of bass, drums, guitar and vocals, and when you think you've heard it all, you really haven't.

Adam Richman Makes His Favourite Sandwich

This song has a great intro, lovely chords before pulling you, head first, into a musical whirlwind.

This a great album, uptempo, all killer, no filler. It's a beautiful album, with polished performances from everyone.

You can get hold of the songs here:

And you can follow them on their facebook page here:

Get it

And once you have it, listen to it, because it's awesome!