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Internet Safety Made Fun at Portway School

  • Written by Editor

Education News | Internet Safety Made Fun at Portway School | Andover & VillagesOn Friday 15th December Parent Zone and Internet Legends held an assembly with Kit Malthouse MP on internet safety at Portway Primary School in Andover.

Since his election to Parliament Kit has focused on shaping policy to protect children online and campaigns to update the laws that support children and families for the digital age.

Parent Zone are a social enterprise working to improve outcomes for children in a digital world so that children will be safer online, resilient enough to cope with the challenges of the online world and educated for a digital future.

Internet Legends is a roadshow, developed by Google, which educates primary school children in the UK on online safety. With the powerful and memorable Internet Legends code they aim to empower children with skills they need to stay safe and act responsibly online.

The assembly was fun, bright, noisy and energetic and got the children involved and learning about the Internet Legends code. The four points are:

1. Think before you share. The children learned about how quickly things can be shared online and why it’s important to only share things they’d be happy for everyone to see.

2. Protect your stuff. The children learned what tools are available to keep their stuff safe online – passwords, privacy settings and more – and why they are so important.

3. Check it’s for real. They learned that not everything you see online is true and heard some tips for spotting online scams. We told your child that if they’re not sure about something, they should always check with you.

4. Respect each other. They heard about how important it is to treat other people the way they want to be treated online. They learned how to report bad behaviour and abuse.

Kit said: “It’s vital that we equip children to stay safe online and Parent Zone, in partnership with Google's Internet Legends, are doing a fantastic job of helping parents and schools achieve that. This assembly was one of the best events I’ve attended as an MP and I thoroughly recommend that schools get in touch to organise a visit.”